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Developed by
GL Packaging in 1992,
Ecodek Corrugated Paper Pallets have been a proven leader in the pallet market.  

Light weight

Ecodek Paper Pallets are a sustainable solution, strong but light weight and have successfully helped many manufacturers move their products safely.  At about 7-10 lbs per corrugated paper pallet (over 30 lbs. lighter than wood), Ecodek pallets require less fuel in transporting your product and prevent workplace injuries.  Ecodek Paper Pallets are a great solution for reducing costs and being environmentally conscious.

Fuel saver

How much empty space are you shipping on each load? Ecodek pallets are custom designed to fit your application, as opposed to your application fitting the pallet. Often with standard sized pallets, much of the trailer is left empty; GL Packaging can easily customize a pallet with a low profile, light weight and efficient footprint, which can save your company a ton on shipping costs.


Wooden pallets harbor insects, bacteria and mold leaving exposure to serious health risks. Ecodek pallets are made entirely from corrugated paper (box material) and constructed with a non-toxic (FDA approved) adhesive; making them safe not only for your products, but for your customers and workforce too. 


GL Packaging purchases its corrugated paper from mills that are certified in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) fiber sourcing standards. This ensures that the paper we use is acquired only from responsibly managed and renewable sources.

Export ready

wood compliance stamp iconEcodek pallets are an ideal solution for exporting; exempt from international export regulation ISPM 15 and a more cost effective alternative to compliant wood or plastic pallets for these one-way shipments. Learn More.

Fully recyclable

Corrugated paper has the best recycling record of any packaging material. In the United States in 2010, more than 31 million tons --- about 85% percent of all the corrugated paper produced that year --- was collected and recycled. Today companies are looking for green solutions to help the environment, reduce pollution and minimize waste, with Ecodek pallets you can help and save your company money.